Wednesday, December 3, 2008

High Rank Site - Do It Yourself !

How you can get my Web Site Rank High (PR5+), Top in Google Search results, and quality Traffic? Isn't that terrific! How it could be more visible to WWW Community? These are the top most questions, I usually come across, whenever visit clients for Web Development, Web Marketing, and SEO, SEM, and SMO consultancy! Achieving High Rank Site among the millions of sites isn't a simple task in WWW's dynamic world. You may consider it like a Deep-Well (literally without opening!), where billions of Web Sites trying hard to climb-up to get first, but the other Web Sites trying double-hard to pull-back them to make way for themselves first?

Have you checked your Web Site is not sinking, If not yet do it else it’ll be too late!

The SEO challenge is continue and will remain continue forever! To achieve High Rank Site and maintain its Top Pages search position, a systematic SEO strategy is worth adhered to in all odds-and-evens. Trying to achieve High Rank with unethical SEO practices may backfire and the Web Site and its position may get a great-fall (like humpty-dumpty) - collapse with Bang to sink forever!

My experiences as a Webmaster and SEO Consultant, in WWW world, helped me draw a straight ethical guideline, which you would love to share! Having applied given easy SEO techniques your sites will become,,,,,,,, and Odesk friendly. Spiders like Googlebot, Robots, and others will happily Crawl, Search, and Index your Web Sites!

Do follow it and watch how steadily your websites start ranking-up to get Top pages in search results and attain High PR (from minimum PR-0 to PR 3+) to ultimately getting you increased quality traffic, you dreamed!

1- Go for refining your web server files:

2- Go for refining your web page contents:

3- Go for Google indexing:

4- Go for Directory submissions:

5- Go for search engines submissions:

6- Go for link building: like, websites with good PR rank 1-4+, etc.

7- Go for social media optimization (SMO): like, Digg, twitter, FaceBook, etc.

8- Go for Articles submissions: like,, etc.

9- Go for Competition Research:

10-Go for review all previous steps.

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Author: zzaheer